Saturday, March 12, 2005

does this work?

ok, not going to get to excited about this blog, because the last one I wrote seems to be lost in my own personal cyberspace. today is saturday. i have a bachelorette party tonight. the thought of it frightens me. luis has already had 4 bachelor parties (what's wrong with this picture), so no wonder they don't scare him - it's become a habit.
i'm going to spend today moving all of our junk back into our junk room, which was mostly painted yesterday. when I say mostly painted, i mean the typical spanish situation here, when the painter tells you it's finished and you walk in to see that the window trim hasn't been done. he tells you, oh that's extra, you didn't ask for that. now, who in god's name would paint a room and then leave icky peeling window trim? i'm going to stop writing now, just in case i can't publish this blog and feel like i've wasted a good 10 minutes of my precious time away from email or watching saturday morning cartoons.